Clinical Informatics

Point of Care


Appropriate, Non-overwhelming Knowledge at Point of Care

As clinicians, we crave for:
  • The Right Information
  • At the Right Time
  • For the Right Person
  • In the Right Channel
  • In the Right Format


There’s always a tightrope walk between getting the right content, and making things usable.  Making things too light helps new users, but alienates veteran users.  Making things too encompassing does the opposite! There are a few organizations in the Military Health System that work to make the world a better place!



Tri-Service Workflow:



Clinical Advisory Group

  • As-u-type Training – Coming soon!
  • Dragon Training – Coming soon!
  • Suggested Macros

Whether it’s Information Management or bringing evidence based medicine to the point of care, is also a critical portion of our informatics.  Here are some helpful links!



For those interested in usability:


Dogma of Informatics

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