Army Consultant Report

Air Force Consultant’s Report

Shawn Kane, MD
Ft. Bragg, NC

Seasons Greetings!! Hope everyone has had a great holiday season and here is to a healthy, happy and productive 2017. To those who are deployed – thank you for what you are doing, be safe!!

Congratulations to those recently selected for FYGME, Residency and Fellowships!!

Congratulations to those recently selected for promotion to COL!! ILE continues to be a major discriminator for selection to COL.

Assignments – we have multiple assignments that require the expertise and experience of senior MAJs and LTCs. Don’t be surprised if you are contacted by myself or COL Diaz about clinic OIC, Department Chief and WTB Surgeons. If we have not contacted you and you are interested please reach out to us. In the near future the 60A slate will be released and I expect that we will have multiple 61Hs selected for these strategic billets.

There have been changes to the conference policy and they are good!! We no longer need to get approval at the highest levels of Department of the Army. O6 level commanders have the ability to approve conference attendance. There is no central funding for USAFP, but all it takes is local approval and funding.

Here is to a great 2017!!!!