Rating Area
Max Points = 50
Absent/Deficient (0-2 Points) Poor-Marginal (3-4 Points) Average-Good (5-7 Points) Outstanding (8-10 Points)

– overview of condition/context for case

No background or minimal context setting; not directly applicable to family medicine. Unclear or less relevant background; unclear importance to family medicine. Good background and context; average importance to family medicine. Compelling well referenced background; high importance to family medicine.

Case Presentation:

– H & P elements

– diagnostic elements

– management, course and outcome

Missing elements of case presentation, management or outcome. Poorly organized case presentation; includes most of the essential elements. Organized case presentation; all essential elements included. Excellent organization of all case elements; excellent level of detail.


– major findings

– comparison with existing literature

Major findings missing; no comparison to literature. Some findings presented; poorly developed discussion and implications; minimal comparison to literature. Clear statement of major findings; clearly delineated discussion and implications; good comparison to literature. Major findings and implications thoroughly discussed; exceptional comparison to literature.

Conclusion/Scholarly Question:

– based on case

– implications for practice/discipline

No conclusion or has no logical connection to case; unclear implications; no scholarly questions generated. Conclusion loosely tied to case or over-reaching; implications lack support or imprecise; weak scholarly questions generated. Conclusion follows logically from case; clearly delineated implications; logical scholarly questions generated. Conclusion strongly tied to case and appropriate in scope; important implications proposed and supported by findings; insightful scholarly questions generated.

Written Composition/Structure:

– clarity

– organization

– grammar

Disorganized and illogical flow; proper format not used; poor grammar. Mostly organized and logical flow; awkward grammar used at times; some unclear writing; cursory. Clearly organized and with good flow; proper grammar; easy to read style. Outstanding clarity and organization; consistently proper grammar; eloquently written.