Rating Area
Max Points = 50
Absent/Deficient (0-2 Points) Poor-Marginal (3-4 Points) Average-Good (5-7 Points) Outstanding (8-10 Points)

– introduction and background for study

– statement of objective/research question

Confusing introduction and poor statement of objective/research question; not directly applicable to family medicine. Adequate introduction and statement of objective/research question; unclear importance to family medicine. Clear introduction and statement of objective/research question; average importance to family medicine. Excellent introduction and very clear statement of objective/research question; high importance to family medicine.


– study design

– description

Missing essential elements of methods. Design not well matched to research question; poorly described methods. Good design match to research question; clearly described methods. High quality rigorous study design matched to question; excellent clear description of methods.


– clarity of results

– statistical analysis

Poorly described results; dubious statistical analysis. Adequately described results; limited statistical analysis. Well described results; good statistical analysis. Excellent integrated description of results; precise and appropriate statistical analysis.


– based on results

– implications for practice/discipline

No conclusion or has no logical connection to results; unclear implications. Conclusion loosely tied to results or over-reaching; implications lack support or imprecise. Conclusion follows logically from results; clearly delineated implications. Conclusion strongly tied to results and appropriate in scope; important implications proposed and supported by findings.

Written Composition/Structure:

– clarity

– organization

– grammar

Disorganized and illogical flow; proper format not used; poor grammar. Mostly organized and logical flow; awkward grammar used at times; some unclear writing; cursory. Clearly organized and with good flow; proper grammar; easy to read style. Outstanding clarity and organization; consistently proper grammar; eloquently written.