Formal Research Proposals

This tool will be available for all USAFP members to use for research purposes.

A written proposal will be sent to the CIC (Clinical Investigation Committee) chair via Research Director, Dianne Reamy.

 The local command Institutional Review Board application and approval letter will accompany the proposal.

Requests for use of Survey Monkey without IRB application and approval letter will not be considered and will be returned to the sender.

The CIC chair will request review and recommendations by the USAFP judges from the service of the requesting USAFP member. The judges will determine if there is adequate scientific merit to allow use of this tool.

Based on recommendations of the judges, the CIC chair will allow or deny use of Survey Monkey. The CIC chair has the final decision if the judges’ recommendations are split.

Other uses for Survey Monkey outside of formal research (Committee use, etc.)

Survey Monkey is also available for USAFP members to use to benefit the work of the Academy. Individuals or committees wishing to use Survey Monkey for this purpose, please contact USAFP Executive Director, Mary Lindsay White, with a brief proposal outlining how Survey Monkey will be used. The USAFP Executive Committee will review each non-research proposal for formal approval.